Rhoda Draper

March 26, 20123 Comments

Ardagh Clinic, Donnybrook, Dublin 4
Phone: 01 260 0118
No of years of Experience: 15 years in practice
Specialising in: Anxiety, Phobias
Rate per session: €70 for a 90-minute session.  Concessionary rates available.


  • Accredited Member IICHP
  • B.A.(Psych)
  • Dip.C.H.
  • TFT-Adv.


Rhoda Draper was born and educated in Ireland, and worked in television in BBC, London, and RTE, Dublin. In order to develop her interest in how the mind works, she left a long and successful career to study at Trinity College, Dublin, where she graduated with an honours degree in psychology. After further certification in psychotherapy, counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and TFT, she developed her skills as a tutor in these subjects.

With her colleague, Sean Collins, she later became involved in research in the field of applied behavioural medicine and, in 2004, they co-authored a book on the subject, ‘The Key Model – A new strategy for cancer recovery ’. She now works in private practice specialising in anxiety-related conditions and life-threatening illness.

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  1. Lorna o Rahilly says:

    Dear Rhona
    I came upon your book the key model a few days after I was diagnosed with her 2 positive stage 2 Brest Cancer in November 2018 after 3 years of chronic stress little to no sleep perimenalpause acute financial poverty living under radar sorry but I had a burn out in November 2017 Where I lost short term memory overnight
    This has never been diagnosed or treated cause of stress is an outside factor which is still causing havoc I really need help but hse no help
    I firmly believe my Cancer was caused by acute stress and unless it is addressed I am vulnerable to further illness
    Can u help
    Many thanks

  2. Marie Mc Loughlin says:

    This is totally ad tempere. Sean you have been a huge positive influence in my life. Thank you. Practice mindfullness and a little N L P daily. Marie Mc Loughlin.( Insomniac)

  3. Criona Leahy says:

    I am wondering do you do hypnosis?
    I have a movement disorder which closes my eyes when I walk , and renders me blind . It is called Blepharospasm. I have tried all conventional treatments such as Botox, surgery ,phiso, acupuncture And others .
    I am interested in trying hypnosis to try and see can I get any relief . Have you any experience or thoughts

    Kind regards


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